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IC DI Lady-DI ADEM 5.56 The Well Armed Woman

Part Number: ICDIR5B16LD
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IC DI Lady-DI ADEM 5.56  The Well Armed Woman
IC DI Lady-DI ADEM 5.56 The Well Armed Woman
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IC DI Lady-Di Adem 5.56 The Well Armed Woman
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Feature: 52.72
Direct Impingement

Built for Women by The Well Armed Woman

Eighteen months in the making - the first AR-15 designed by WOMEN for WOMEN! This rifle was developed with direct input from TWAW Shooting Chapter members and leaders across the country. Together we have worked hard to build the perfect rifle for women shooters.

Offered as a limited edition, the IC DIADEM is built on the award winning LWRCI Direct Impingement platform with innovative features specified by TWAW to meet the needs of a woman shooter. Features like a specially designed slimmer lighter rail, full ambidextrous lower receiver, sleek ergonomic Ergo grip, reinforced Magpul Stock for added recoil protection and our innovative "keyless" bolt carrier design combined with an operating system that is time-tested. The IC DIADEM is manufactured with the same craftsmanship and design excellence that comes standard with every LWRCI rifle.

LWRCI - IC DIADEM - The DI - Elevated. Improved. Enhanced.


A LWRCI rifle typically costs more due to the quality components and advanced engineering and meticulous quality control process that goes into building a LWRCI rifle. Our goal as a company is to progress the AR-15 platform and continue improving our system. From the raw materials, machining, engineering, and assembly; the majority of this is done in-house. We have a constant quality check from start to finish and are 100% made in the USA. The TWAW designed IC DIadem has many custom features not found on our standard in line Direct Impingement Rifle. Those add on features include: LWRCI Skirmish Back Up Iron Sights, Ergo molded grip, Magpul Stock with reinforced buttpad, custom low profile compact decorative rail panel (designed specifically for TWAW), the Well Armed Woman engraving and much more. This special one-of-a-kind rifle is a limited edition run- adding considerably to its collectability and uniqueness. Finally, a donation is made to The Well Armed Woman for every rifle sold. Funds that will be used to expand the great work being done to empower woman shooter by the national organization and growing chapters nationwide.

This special program is a partnership with The Well Armed Woman Organization. TWAW is working on a program to offer a payment plan option for members.

Women do not necessarily need a different AR-15 than current standard models. There are so many variables and levels of experience shooting the AR platform. This program was initiated with The Well Armed Woman organization to take the guess work out of finding the right AR to meet the demands of the female shooter. The Lady DIADEM model was designed with features and specs meticulously laid out by the group. From highly experienced shooters to beginners- these woman shooters told us exactly what they wanted in an AR-15 rifle. Overwhelmingly the response was to keep the basic look and feel of the standard line (no "girl colors", no dialed down performance attributes) with a few key ergonomic alterations to enhance the shooting experience for woman shooters. The result: the LWRCI Lady-DIadem is much lighter, slimmer design with enhanced buttpad and molded ergo grip ergonomics but with all the standard high-performance features found in a LWRCI rifle.

An AR-15 or MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) is the most modular and popular rifle system for many reasons. Because the military has adopted this platform: the ammunition used is easily sourced, cost efficient, and performs well. Parts availability is endless. This platform is arguably the best all-around rifle for every shooter male or female. Extremely versatile the platform works well in any shooting situation - from the range to the woods to the battlefield. Competitive shooting, personal protection, hunting or plinking, the AR-15 delivers reliability, minimal recoil, and ease of use.

The LWRCI Lady-DIadem will come out of the box ready to shoot with no upgrades needed. Because each rifle is manufacturer assembled, tested, and constantly quality checked throughout the process you can rest assure your rifle is good to go and comes with a manufacturer warranty. Although building your own rifle can be rewarding, the costs for individual custom parts mount up potentially making your DIY rifle considerably more expensive. LWRCI high-performance parts and innovative features provide you with many of the custom gun features right out of the box. And because we manufacture each part to fit our rifle platform the end result is a finished rifle that looks as good as it shoots. When you purchase a finished high-performance rifle you won't have to worry about sourcing parts, waiting for parts, installing parts, ensuring fitment, accuracy, and essentially being responsible for engineering a rifle only to roll the dice on it's performance. Not all parts are built to work together - with LWRCI you know the parts are custom fit and assembled with the end result in mind.

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