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IC DI Pistol + SBM4 Brace (5.56 NATO) M-LOK

Part Number: ICDIP
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IC DI Pistol + SBM4 Brace (5.56 NATO) M-LOK
IC DI Pistol + SBM4 Brace (5.56 NATO) M-LOK
MSRP $1,733.49
IC DI Pistol + Brace M-LOK 5.56
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This IC DI Pistol model combines excellent ergonomics with the legendary features you have come to expect in every LWRCI rifle or carbine.  including an LWRCI 10.5" cold hammer forged Ni-Corr treated heavy barrel, modular one-piece free-float MLOK rail, LWRCI Monoforge™ upper receiver, full ambidextrous lower receiver and paired with the SB Tactical® SBM4 Pistol Stabilizing Brace.

This IC DI Pistol is performance ready out of the box.  LWRCI developed a proprietary, innovative "keyless" bolt carrier design, combined with an operating system that is time-tested, makes the Di MLOK Pistol + Brace the perfect addition to the LWRCI™ lineup. And, since the ambi lower receiver is compatible with the rest of our IC family, you can upgrade your Di to our flagship, piston-driven IC just by switching out the upper.

LWRCI-Di  Pistol + SBM4 Brace. Taking AR Pistols to the Next Level.

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