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IC-PSD Rifle

Part Number: ICPSDR5
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IC-PSD Rifle
IC-PSD Rifle (5.56) Black 8.5"
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Individual Carbine

The LWRCI IC PSD | Individual Carbine- Personal Security Detail weapon delivers  rifle cartridge firepower in a size usually reserved for sub machine guns.  The IC PSD s designed to be an ultra compact personal defense weapon. 

Directly descended from the rifles developed by LWRCI™ to meet the requirements for the U.S. Army Individual Carbine program, the IC-PDW is built for high performance in an ultra compact configuration.  It’s compact size and light weight means it can be carried and deployed in a variety of roles.  
Designed on the LWRCI Monoforge™ upper receiver with Modular 7" Rail system allows the shooter to customize as needed.  With the slim modular handguards, the user has the ability to add rails where desired. At just 6.15 lbs, having the option of rails saves weight off of an already light rifle.

Like all IC models the IC-PDW is constructed using the highest quality materials, built on our patented self-regulating short-stroke gas piston system, machined from materials that belong to the super alloy family of steel alloys most often used in aerospace, LWRCI™ raises the bar on reliability and ease of maintenance- delivering the highest level of performance. The gas-piston system can be accessed quickly by loosening two thumb screws.

Dual Control fully ambidextrous lower receiver includes bolt catch and release, magazine release and fire control access from both sides of the IC-PSD.  LWRCI™ Enhanced Fire Control Group comes standard.  Our investment castings are x-rayed for imperfections and nickel-boron coated for a smooth crisp trigger pull with positive reset.  

Our IC-PSD uses LWRCI™ manufactured- NiCorr treated cold Hammer Forged compact 8.5" barrel.   Nickel-boron coated bolt carrier delivers unparalleled wear resistance, corrosion resistance and permanent lubricity.  

The LWRCI™ IC-PSD comes complete with, LWRCI Skirmish™ Back Up Iron Sights, Ambidextrous Charging Handle, LWRCI™ Adjustable Compact Stock, Magpul® MOE+ Grip and LWRCI™ High Efficiency 4-Prong Flash Hider. 

The IC-PSD is perfect for those who are seeking everything our IC line-up offers in a compact yet user friendly format.  This is an excellent rifle for range courses and shooting around obstacles.

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