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IC SPR Billet (5.56)

Part Number: ICR5TG16SPRBT
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IC SPR Billet (5.56)
IC SPR Billet (5.56)
MSRP $2,699.00
IC SPR Billet
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Individual Carbine

The IC SPR variant utilizes the same Cold Hammer Forged, spiral fluted barrel as the IC Enhanced. The SPR employs a low profile fixed gas block for the piston system and a longer 12 inch user-configurable, modular rail system. Topped with our low profile Skirmish Sights, the IC line of rifles is the latest evolution in the LWRCI 5.56 rifle.

The IC-SPR is our flagship and most popular model. This is a great all-around 5.56 rifle that utilizes LWRC’s most popular features; fluted barrel, ambi controls, and SPR modular rail system.

The IC-SPR can be fired suppressed due to the self-regulating function of the piston system. However, if you plan to shoot suppressed often, the IC-E or ICA5 may be better options as they feature an adjustable gas block.

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