LWRCI proudly supports and equips those who serve and protect freedom worldwide. Our rifles are designed and manufactured to withstand the most extreme conditions for the solider and operators who depend on their rifles to defend those they have sworn an oath to protect.


Unmatched quality from the inside out. Through the application of modern materials science, creative engineering, and advanced manufacturing processes, LWRCI has taken the groundbreaking Stoner design and improved it with our self-regulating short-stroke piston and Direct Impingement operating systems.


LWRCI rifles and carbines are the proven choice for Military, Government and Law Enforcement agencies and allies around the world.  Designed, machined, and assembled entirely in the USA, LWRCI firearms don’t just meet the requirements and expectations of end users, they blow them away. LWRCI rifles are operational in more than 60 countries.

From the range to the battlefield, our relentless pursuit of high-quality firearms delivers impeccable design, absolute reliability, consistent accuracy, and extreme durability. And every international contract is supported with world class training and service after the sale. Are you ready to Step Up?

For international Military, Government or Law Enforcement inquiries contact us at [email protected] or call us 1-410-910-1348.