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LWRCI Advanced Combat Bolt 6.8 SPCII

Part Number: 200-0070A01
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LWRCI Advanced Combat Bolt 6.8 SPCii
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Replacement bolt for any of our rifles chambered in 6.8mm, including both the SIX8 and legacy M6 platforms as well as the .224 Valkyrie. This bolt fits into any Mil-STD bolt carrier and functions accordingly. 

Our Advanced Combat Bolt is an evolution in bolt design. With a fully supported bolt face, our ACBs lack the two undercuts on either side of the extractor pocket that weaken traditional bolts. In addition, the extractor utilizes a dual-spring design that increases extraction force and triples the service life. Machined out of a super-alloy formulated to take extreme loads without failure, our ACBs are also shot-peened for extra durability. A nickel-boron coating increases strength and lowers the coefficient of friction. All of these factors and more make our SIX8 ACB the best choice for any 6.8mm SPC firearm. 

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