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LWRCI DI Bolt Carrier Group

Part Number: 200-0091A0
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LWRCI Di Bolt Carrier Group
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In response to the US ARMY’s requirement for improvements to the M4 Carbine, LWRC International designed and developed a bolt carrier group that offers a significant capability advantage when installed in a host M4. The Advanced Direct Impingement Bolt Carrier Group offers superior performance, increased reliability, and longer part replacement life cycles than the MIL-STD components. These gains are achieved through LWRCI’s design technology paired with industry-leading machining and material technology. The LWRCI improved carrier design is coupled with our new Advanced Combat Bolt (6.8 Only). The bolt features redesigned extractor, springs, bolt face, and locking lugs. it is manufactured using a high technology alloy usually reserved for the manufacture of Formula 1 racing transmission components. In testing, the LWRC International Advanced Direct Impingement Bolt Carrier Group exhibited remarkable performance, running over 10,000 rounds without stoppage or failure on a  host weapon that was neither cleaned nor lubricated during the testing process. 

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