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Quick Detach 2-Rail Section w/ QD Sling Mount

Part Number: 200-0052A01
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Quick Detach 2- Rail Section W/ Qd Sling Mount
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Add a Quick Detach Sling Mount where you need it with the LWRCI™ QD Sling Mount 2-Hole Rail Section Kit.  Compatible with all LWRCI™ Modular Rails across all calibers/platforms.  Measuring 2.345" from end-to-end the compact rail section mounts easily with 2 screws.

Our QD Mount design allows four 90-degree arcs.

The LWRCI™ 2-Hole Rail Section kit includes:

  • 1- 2-hole rail section,
  •  3- rail screws, and
  • 1- T-20 Torx wrench.

Note: The QD mount does not allow for 360-degree free swivel.

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