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SIX8-A2 Upper

Part Number: SIX8A2U
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SIX8-A2 Upper
SIX8-A2 Upper
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SIX8 A2 Upper, Black, 16.1
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Feature: 51.56
SIX8 Upper Receivers are ONLY compatible with LWRCI SIX8 Lower Receivers.
The SIX8 platform marks a large step forward in the development of the 6.8 SPC chambered semi-automatic rifle. After reviewing our legacy design 6.8 SPC rifles, we decided to redesign the platform around the round itself, instead of forcing the round to conform to the existing architecture. By doing so, we were able to maximize the system to efficiently and effectively run the 6.8 SPC round. Through our partnership with Magpul, we were able to design a polymer magazine that allowed a full 30 round capacity and that reliably functions in both semi automatic and fully automatic modes. After developing the magazines, we turned our attention to the rifle itself. We widened the magwell to accommodate the new magazine as well as widening the upper receiver to match. While continuing to develop the lower, we added the ambidextrous controls that our IC line of rifles carries. Finally we designed the upper with two separate handguards. Our SIX8 A2 version uses a standard nine (9) inch quad rail, while our SPR version uses our twelve (12) inch modular rail. The advances developed in the SIX8 rifle shows our dedication to the 6.8 SPC round. We continue to work with ammunition manufacturers to bring different ammo loadings to the market.

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