LWRCI is known and recognized as a leading manufacturer of firearms introducing innovation and high performance features that are not just unique but developed with the end user in mind. High Performance Brands of LWRC International:

LWRCI Corporate Logo, LWRC International LLC, Established 2007

IC Individual Carbine, Established 2013 - 5.56 NATO developed for US Army Invidual Carbine Solicitation

SIX8 6.8 SPCII Family, Established 2011 - 6.8 SPC II developed for USSOCOM solicitation

REPR MKI, Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle, 7.62 NATO, Established 2011 - Developed for US Army solicitation by same name

REPR MKII, Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle, 7.62 NATO, Established 2014 - Developed for US Army Compact Semi Auto Sniper System solicitation

M6 CARBINE, 5.56 NATO, Established 2007 - First Model Developed by LWRCI

DI DIRECT IMPINGEMENT, 5.56 NATO / 300 BLK, Established 2015 - LWRCI Model created to compete in DI market

SMG 45, SMG Model .45 ACP, Established 2019 - LWRCI's first pistol caliber rifle