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IC-A5 Rifle (.300 BLK)

Part Number: ICA5R3
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IC-A5 Rifle (.300 BLK)
IC-A5 Rifle (.300 BLK) 10" Black
MSRP $3,165.00
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Directly descended from rifles developed by LWRCI to meet the requirements of the U.S. Army’s Individual Carbine Program, the new IC A5 300 AAC delivers the same high-performance features and quality manufacturing, customers expect from LWRCI

At its core is the LWRCI Proprietary Short-stroke Gas Piston operating system delivering unparrelled reliability in extreme conditions and easy maintenance. F
eatures include a MonoForge®  one piece upper with LWRCI™ free float rail, IC A5 2-position gas block for shooting suppressed, Scalloped rail design for easy access to gas block,  Nickel Boron coated bolt carrier for optimal wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and permanent lubricity. LWRCI signature cold hammer forged spiral fluted barrel, LWRCI™ A2 Flash Hider, Skirmish BUIS, and LWRCI™ Compact stock with QD Sling Mount. 

The IC A5 AAC lower delivers LWRCI
 high performance features including- fully ambidextrous controls: fire/safety-control, bolt catch release, magazine release, LWRCI™ Enhanced Fire Control Group™- nickel Teflon coated for a smooth crisp trigger pull and reset, LWRCI™ Advanced Trigger Guard and Magpul® PMAG in 30 or 10 round.  The IC A5 AAC will be available in FDE, OD Green, Tungsten Grey, Premier Gray and Patriot Brown and in California and other state Compliant configurations.  

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