R.E.P.R. Upper
Price: $2,408.00

R.E.P.R. Upper


The LWRCI R.E.P.R. | Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle Upper Receiver is constructed using the highest quality materials.  Built on our patented self-regulating short-stroke gas piston system, machined from materials that belong to the super alloy family of steel alloys most often used in aerospace, LWRCI raises the bar on reliability and ease of maintenance- delivering the highest level of performance.

R.E.P.R. Upper Receivers are machined from billet aluminum delivering rugged durability and lighter weight performance.  The 12.5” Modular Rail System is designed with removable top-rail that allows 100% return to zero, no-tool re-installation.

Innovative rail design allows for easy access to LWRCI two-position gas block with normal and suppressed settings enabling the user to pre-restrict the gas flow to the piston system, allowing the rifle to run smoothly and compensate for the added back pressure from running a suppressor.

Side-mounted, non reciprocating charging handle allows the shooter to keep eyes on target during reloads and prevents gas blowback when shooting suppressed

Our R.E.P.R. Upper uses LWRCI manufactured- NiCorr treated cold Hammer Forged standard heavy barrel.  Barrel is precisely torqued in our factory to 65 ft lbs.  Nickel-boron coated bolt carrier delivers unparalleled wear resistance, corrosion resistance and permanent lubricity. 

The LWRCI R.E.P.R. Heavy Barrel Uppers come standard with an LWRCI A2 Birdcage Flash Hider.  


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In purchase of this item, it is to be recognized that all local, state and federal laws are in compliance with all regulatory requirements. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure all requirements are met by the NFA prior to purchasing an upper with a barrel of less than 16” in length.