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Multi-Tasker Twist Tool Kit

Part Number: 200-0125A0
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Multi-Tasker Twist Tool Kit
Multi-Tasker Twist Tool Kit
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Multi-Tasker Twist Tool Kit
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Fits In Your Pocket - A Tool Set For In-The-Field Gun Repairs & Tweaks

Engraved with the LWRCI logo, the ultra-compact MultiTasker Twist fits in your pocket like a pen and packs a bunch of critical maintenance/adjustment tools for your "modern sporting rifle" and other guns. It's built around a versatile 1/4" hex driver socket for the 10 bits that come with the Twist: 3/16" & 3/32" slotted, No. 1 Phillips, T10 & 15 Torx, and 3/16", 9/64", 1/8", 7/64" & 3/32" hex. (Bits are stored in the included rubber carrier strip.) You also get a 3/32" pin punch, a radial carbon scraper, heavy duty brass dental pick, an Aimpoint red dot sight turret adjuster, M16A2 style FSP adjustment tool, and a pocket clip that doubles as a light-duty slotted screwdriver. Built to last, too - housing of machined 6061 T6 aluminum, with a durable Type III military-style hardcoat anodized finish.

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